8 Amazing Indian Handicrafts To Decorate Your Home

The skilled people from various regions create decorative pieces from clay, paper, stone, rock and other tools is called Handicraft. This handcraft plays a very significant role in representing the culture, tradition and heritage of our country. This traditional art is associated with people history and lifestyle.

Man rural people still lead their life by selling the creative piece of arts. Here We have listed amazing Indian Handicrafts that make every people astonished.

1.  Pashmina Shawls

2.  Phulkari

3.  Bamboo Handicrafts

4.  Brass Handicrafts

5.  Jute Handicrafts

6.  Leather Handicrafts

7.  Pottery Handicrafts

8.  Shell Handicrafts

Pashmina Shawls

Indian Handicrafts

Pashmina shawl is a type of wool first woven in Kashmir. It is luxurious clothing items for women for many years. Its soft fabric and craftsmanship make this shawl so special. This Pashmina shawl is one of the favourite shopping lists of foreigners who visit India.


Indian Handicrafts

Phulkari is called as ‘flower work’, the unique embroidery style or technique of Punjab. Its design is complex which has vertical, horizontal and diagonal stitches.

The Phulkari suit or sari mixed with ethnic jewellery gives pleasant look. This Phulkari is also the trending global wear option. The people from western countries wear this Phulkari suit for any occasion or events.

Bamboo Handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts

The Bamboo handicraft is one of the oldest craft known to man that is practising at various regions throughout India. The items made from bamboo are mostly used as household items. The artisans create many decorative pieces from bamboos such as dolls, baskets, furniture, wall-hangings, jewellery boxes and much more.

Brass Handicrafts


Brass handicrafts are the popular crafts all over the world, India is one of the leading producers in brass handicrafts. It is an ideal metal for handicrafts as it is long-lasting and durable. Its colour is similar to Gold that gives it a very appealing look.

Jute Handicrafts

Jute is an evergreen product that never loses its old rustic charm. The artisans use jute to create various handicrafts such as jute bags, baskets, decorative and utility products which are a popular decorative option for urban people. It adds décor to urban homes and also very popular because of its affordable price and durability.

It is 100% bio-degradable, recyclable and thus environment friendly.

Leather Handicrafts

The leather handicrafts are made using genuine leather and widely used for decorating purpose. It is also the perfect gifting option for your loved ones. Leather is used to create many items such as footwear, clothing, utility articles, toys and suitcases.

The water resistance, superb finish and high tear resistance are the major factors behind the great demand for leather handicrafts.

Pottery Handicrafts

Pottery is an age-old art of making earthenware and utensils that is used for decoration and daily purposes. Agriculture is the most common livelihood of India that is why pots are used carrying and storing water. Pottery is more popular is Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan especially they add colours to smooth ceramics and make them look attractive and lively.

Shell Handicrafts

Shell craft is the art of making handicrafts using seashells. There are three kinds of shells are available in India conch, tortoise and seashell. The conch shell is used in many religious and social functions for blowing. Tortoise shell craft is used for making lamps, spoons, jewellery and mythological figures.

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