Awesome Travel Kit Essential For Babies

Travel kit essentials for babies

Travelling with babies can be tricky but it does not have to be struggling. When you are travelling on a plane, train or car, these products allow kids to be comfortable and calm throughout your journeys.

We are highlighting some checklist of items that make travelling with baby or toddler much easier.

  1. Diapers
  2. Changing pad
  3. Baby wipes
  4. Blankets
  5. Disposable Bags
  6. Nightlight
  7. First Aid Kit
  8. Baby sling
  9. Bathtub
  10.  Bottled milk
  11. Sun cap
  12. Nail clippers
  13. Powder packets
  14. Toys
  15. Night clothes

Things to carry while travelling with your baby or toddler


essential for babies

Diapers help you to keep your baby dry and comfortable while travelling outside. Choose the best diaper from top brands to make your vacation enjoyable.

Changing pad

The easy and portable newborn baby care essentials for changing diapers and clothes comfortably.

Baby wipes

essential for babies

The baby wipes required during diaper changes and to clean other spills and messes.


essential for babies

Blankets help you to lie your baby down or cover it during the winter season. Buy cosy and soft blanket to cover your baby’s body entirely.

Disposable Bags

A disposable bag is the perfect one to keep all your essentials. You can keep diapers, dirty clothes and wet wipes while travelling.


essential for babies

While travelling in the night time, all the lights will be switched off for peaceful sleep. So, you can use the small torchlight to change the diapers or clean your baby comfortably.

First Aid Kit

essential for babies

First aid kit is the most important essentials while travelling with your baby. You can carry lotions, pain relievers and other doctors suggested medicines using this kit.

Baby sling

The baby sling is mainly designed to carry your baby without any hassle. It is made of soft fabric and safe way to carry your baby while travelling.


essential for babies

While you are staying outside, you cannot get the cleanest bathroom sometimes. So, bring the bathtub that helps you to bath your babies nicely without worrying about hygiene.

Bottled Milk


Sometimes you cannot breastfeed your baby, so it is better to bring your bottle milk during travelling.

Sun cap


While travelling outside during the summer season, scorching heat will affect your baby face and eyes. So, to protect your baby, you can carry nice hats to cover your baby head properly.

Nail Clippers

Nail clipper helps you to short and clean your baby’s nails while travelling.

Powder packets

With the help of powder packets, you can quickly make and feed your baby when you are travelling outside.


During travelling, it is difficult for the parents to control their baby. To soothe the baby crying, you can bring soft toys to keep them engaged.

Night clothes

Bring always nice cotton nightclothes to keep your baby comfortable while sleeping.

Estreetmart offers you the baby care travel kit with all essentials for safe travelling. It contains refreshing talc, bubble bath foam, nourishing baby oil, soft baby lotion, mild baby shampoo, diapers, first aid kit, feeding bottle and nightclothes.

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