Best Baby Care Eessentials for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Infants (0-1 year)

During this stage, babies try to develop a bond and trust with their parents. In this year babies learn to focus their vision and explore new things that are around them. We should cuddle, hold and play with the babies so, it will interact with others in the same way. Moreover, it is important to buy gentle and soft products to your newborn babies. So, discover our online store and shop best baby care products from BuddsBuddy to take care of your newborn babies.

We have listed baby care essentials for infants.

  1. Breast pumps
  2. Steriliser
  3. Bottle/nipple brush
  4. Burp cloths
  5. Feeding bottle
  6. Newborn baby diapers
  7. Baby wipes
  8. Newborn Clothing essentials
  9. Bathtub
  10. Towels
  11. Baby wash and shampoo
  12. Baby cream
Baby care eessentials

Newborn Breastfeeding essentials

If you choose to feed your little one, then below are the breastfeeding essentials you require.

Breast pumps

Baby care eessentials

There are different types of breast pumps available in the market and depends on your requirement, you can choose an open or closed system comfortable for you.


When you are breastfeeding your newborn baby, you should sterilise the bottles until the baby is one year old. You should rinse and clean it thoroughly, so it won’t affect your baby’s health.

Bottle/nipple brush

The bottle and nipple brush have soft and durable nylon bristles. It helps to clean the bottle residue easily.

Burp cloths

Baby care eessentials

Burp cloths help to avoid spill or mess while breastfeeding your newborn baby. It also keeps your clothes clean while feeding your little one.

Feeding bottle

Baby care eessentials

Feeding bottle comes with different materials like glass, plastic and silicone. Choose the bottle to suit your baby.

Buy Burp cloths, Bottle/nipple brush, Sterilizer, Feeding bottles, Nursing clothes and breast pump from Estreetmart with a top brand like BuddsBuddy at lowest prices.

Newborn baby diapers

You can choose disposable or cloth diapers for your baby because the newborn baby requires six or more diapers per day.

Baby wipes


The baby wipes required during diaper changes and to clean other spills and messes.

Newborn Clothing essentials

The first thing you need to buy for a newborn baby is clothes. You need to buy cotton and soft clothes to keep your little one comfortable. Buy sleepsuits, tops, socks and caps with good quality from BuddsBuddy with attractive discounts and offers.

Newborn bathing and cleaning essentials

Bathtub– Pick the tub based on the size and comfort for your baby.

Towels– Buy cotton towels to soak and wipe the water gently

Baby wash and shampoo– Your newborn baby require tear-free and fragrance-free shampoo.

Baby cream– Moisturize your newborn baby with good baby cream.

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Toddlers (1-3 years)

It is an exciting timing in the growth of your child. In this stage, babies show the desire to explore things and interact with new people. They smile, speak their first word, learn to roll over and reach out to explore their world. We need to buy the best baby care products to keep your little one’s happy and healthy. Checkout our BuddsBuddy soft baby care products that suits your child.

We have prepared some checklist for Toddlers.

  1. Baby clothes
  2. Blanket
  3. Feeding supplies
  4. Baby soap and shampoo
  5. First aid kit

Baby clothes

Buy some cotton clothes for your babies which suited for both summer and winter season.


To protect from your babies during the winter season, you can buy some puffy clothes to cover your babies which gives warmness.

Feeding supplies


Buy some best feeding essentials to feed your child properly without making messy while outside or inside of your home.

Baby soap and shampoo

The Baby soap and shampoo is softer and gentle than other regular shampoos. So it is safe to use while bathing your babies.

First aid kit

first aid

First aid kit is the most essential thing for a toddler. We need to have a quality thermometer to find the temperature and also have some paediatrician-approved medicines during an emergency.

Preschooler (3-5 years)

Children’s learn to speak, move, walk and jump. They begin to dress, feed and also begin to develop social skills and make new friends. So, you need to buy the best and fine quality for your child. Estreetmart offers you a wide range of baby care essentials from leading brand like BuddsBuddy.

Here are the best baby care essentials for Preschoolers

  1. School essentials
  2. Clothing essentials
  3. Outdoor essentials

School essentials

Water Bottle, lunch box and stainless-steel containers can be useful for the kids who are going to school.

Clothing essentials

If it’s a delightful winter or scorching summer, it is necessary to protect our child delicate skin. So, we need to buy the best outfits that can suitable for all seasons.

Outdoor essentials

To spend the preschool outdoor regardless of weather, the kids need lightweight hand gloves, raincoat, snow pants, hiking or snow boots.

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