Boost Your Immune System

The whole world is fighting together to contain the spread of Corona virus.  The increasing cases not only affect our physical health but also triggering anxiety, stress and depression. Although there is no vaccine available so far, the best way of fighting pandemic is to boost our immunity. There are some essential ways to boost your immune system against corona virus.

Foods and Vitamins

One should include the immunity-boosting foods to help your body against deadly viruses. There is an immunity-boosting vegetable like carrot, sweet potatoes, tomato and broccoli and immunity-boosting fruits such as mango, citrus fruits and strawberries.

vegetables and fruits can boot your immunity

These fruits and vegetables contain enriched vitamins like A, C, D and E and minerals like magnesium, zinc and Selenium that bring healthy immune system to your body.

Take proper sleep

have proper sleep and boot your immunity

If you are not getting proper sleep, then your immunity will be reduced. You should sleep 7-8 hours of sleep. So, maintain a proper sleep schedule to increase the immunity against COVID-19.

Drink enough water daily

drink water and boot your immunity

Staying hydrated will help you to strengthen your immune system and also the best way to fight against coronavirus, as it removes all the toxins from your body. Drink 8-10 glasses and also take fresh fruit juices and coconut water to stay hydrated throughout the day to boost your immunity.

Home workout exercises

Workout daily and boot your immunity

As the government is imposing severe lockdown, you cannot go to the gym or park to do exercises. So, do some easy workout exercises such as rope-skipping, push-ups, jogging on the spot at home not only strengthen your immune system but also keep you fit.

Practice meditation

and boot your immunity

Meditation helps you to build mental and emotional health. Do 10 minutes of meditation a day will help you to calm your body and allows you to focus on your work properly.

Estreetmart has come up with a wide range of immunity boosters that help you to boost your immune system to protect against the diseases. Our immunity hygiene range consists of various immunity booster products such as toffee & capsules made from natural herbs like Chyawanprash and Ashwagandha.

chakaash Chyawanprash - immunity booster

The Ayurveda toffee is made with the goodness of Chyawanprash and consists of 21herbs to boost your immunity and energy.

Dr.Vaidya’s Herbofit - immunity booster

The Dr.Vaidya’s Imunoherb capsule – a real immunity booster is the ayurvedic immunity capsule to protect against viral infections.

Dr.Vaidya’s Imunoherb capsule - immunity booster

And also we have DrVaidya’s Viral Immunity Pack which is produced from various types of herbs. This immune booster helps vigorously to protect our body from viral infections. Finally, we cannot completely avoid getting sick, but the strong and healthy immune system can act as the first line of defence against the diseases. So, use our immunity boosters for building a strong immune system to stay healthy.

Covid Self Care Essentials

Globally people are washing their hands and maintaining social distancing for survival. The people are dying because they became the carrier to the community spread of coronavirus. We should break the chain of coronavirus spread only by staying at home.

Stay home live healthy

In the time of the pandemic, Estreetmart has introduced self-care essentials which are highly effective to lead a normal life without worrying about virus infections.

corona virus essentials

Masks and sanitizers have become essential commodities in today’s life. So we provide the top-rated masks and sanitizers to protect against the coronavirus.

Apart from these products we also supply various self-care essentials such as Infrared Thermometer, Latex gloves and Disinfectant wipes for enhanced protections. 

We also have automatic fog sanitizer that helps to eliminate odour and harmful germs in the air to keep your environment safe and clean.

hygience product

To maintain the proper hygiene and health in public spaces, we provide automatic sanitizer dispenser to get your hands quickly clean.

automatic sanitizer dispenser

Use our self-care essentials to lead a healthy and happy life.

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