Herbo Cleanse, Fruit And Veggie Wash

Herbo Cleanse, Fruit And Veggie Wash

Coronavirus has been rapidly spread to many parts of the world and many countries are implementing complete or partial lock down to ensure the safety of the people. Government is trying their best to supply the agricultural commodities to the public during these hard times. So we need to confirm food safety and make sure we are eating or cooking clean fruits and vegetables at home. Here is the permanent solution for you. Herbo Cleanse The fruit and veggie wash from Dr Vaidya’s is great for removing germs, oil, wax, dirt and pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables from the food surface.

fruit and veggie wash

This fruit and veggie wash is made with a mixture of herbal and organic anti-bacterial ayurvedic herbs like ushira, tulsi, nagarmotha, dhania, and rajat bhasma. These highly effective ingredients not only remove the contaminants but also remove the harmful pathogens.

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Why should we clean our fruits and vegetables?

The number of people can touch between farms to the shelf store between 10-15 and they leave some harmful residues. So rinsing with tap water is not alone enough to remove the residues.

 Herbo Cleanse Fruit And Veggie Wash

So we need to protect our family and enjoy the benefits of fresh and clean food with the help of effective Herbo Cleanse Fruit and Veggie Wash.

How to use Herbo Cleanse?

It is very easy to use. Take a bowl with 1-litre water and mix the 10ml (2 capfuls) solution. Soak and swish the fruits & vegetables for 1-2 minutes. Finally, rinse the fruits and vegetables in running water 2-3 times for 30 seconds. By washing with the fruit and veggies wash, you can be sure that your family eats clean and healthy fruits and vegetables.

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