Essential Work From Home Devices To Maintain Productivity And Health

Top IT companies continue to work remotely with 85% of employees working from home. According to the media reports, many companies have extended the work from home facility for most of the employees.

Many companies also help the staff financially to create an office set up at home for work convenience. This trend might be effective and productive, but this will affect the employees’ health. We need some affordable and high-performance work from home devices to keep us healthy and productive.

Estreetmart comes up with various ranges of devices to increase productivity, to keep you entertained as well as safe and healthy.

Boost your productivity

Working from home always brings up some challenges, but with the right tool, you can able to show productivity in your work. So Estreetmart offers you the best work from home gadgets to set up your home office.

computers and printers

If you want to set up a work from home office, you need a comfortable table, chairs and desks to keep you all the tech accessories comfortably. Laptops and reliable internet are important tech essentials but also we recommend buying the high-performance monitors for the designing and other software development works.

Estreetmart also provides the essential workstation accessories to keyboards, mouse, call centre headsets and much more from the world’s No 1 brands. Our store offers wireless audio products such as Bluetooth headphones and TWS earbuds with noise-cancelling features which are highly recommended for the call-centre jobs.

Computer accessories

Nowadays business conferences and interviews are conducted in Zoom as well as other video conferencing apps. So Estreetmart committed to providing the PC cameras and conference video cameras from the famous brands.

Keep you relax after working from home

The problem with the work from home you might work from all day and night, so there is no work-life balance. You might stress yourself with this unusual trend.

working from home

So you need to relax and let go of the pressures of your day. So keeping this in mind, Estreetmart brings you gaming chairs, electronic handheld games and consoles to keep you relaxed and entertained. We also provide affordable android phones and accessories to pass your time with the comfort of your phone. You can also select from low budget phones to flagships according to your budget and desire from estreetmart.

Protective and preventive measures to stay safe indoors

According to the studies, germs and bacteria can live on the surfaces around us. People probably use alcohol-based sanitizers to wipe the gadgets and accessories, but it might not kill the germs completely. We need to use proper disinfectant to kill 99% of the virus

UV mobile sanitizer

Estreetmart offers the UV mobile sanitizer that kills the 99% bacteria and virus. We also deliver the smart infrared thermometers, smartwatches and bracelets to measure your health at real-time.

pulse oximeter

Estreetmart  also provide the pulse oximeter device to measure your oxygen levels at any time to keep track of your health. Buy these products from estreetmart at lowest ever prices. We ensure fast delivery and quality products.

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