Fascinating Baby Care Essentials For Your Adorable Kids

Are you expecting your first baby? Congratulations parenthood is always a thrilling new adventure. As a part of this adventure, you need to shop smart for your new baby.

Baby Care Essentials

However, as a new parent, you will struggle to find the best products for your kids. So, we have compiled a new checklist of baby care essentials that adds joy to your life.

Things to buy for newborn babies

While shopping the baby care essentials, it is necessary to think every little aspect of your baby. Your baby requires different sets of products and accessories. Let us look some products which are required for a couple of months after the newborn baby arrives.

Newborn Breastfeeding essentials

If you choose to feed your little one, then below are the breastfeeding essentials you require.

Nursing clothes

Baby Care Essentials

Choose good quality and comfortable nightwear and tops with buttons or loose enough to allows breastfeeding.

Breast pumps

There are different types of breast pumps available in the market and depends on your requirement, you can choose open or closed system comfortable for you.


Baby Care Essentials

When you are breastfeeding your newborn baby, you should sterilise the bottles until the baby is one year old. You should rinse and clean it thoroughly, so it won’t affect your baby’s health.

Bottle/nipple brush

The bottle and nipple brush has soft and durable nylon bristles. It helps to clean the bottle residue easily.

Burp cloths

Baby Care Essentials

Burp cloths help to avoid spill or mess while breastfeeding your newborn baby. It also keeps your clothes clean while feeding your little one.

Feeding bottle

Baby Care Essentials

Feeding bottle comes with different materials like glass, plastic and silicone. Choose the bottle to suit your baby.

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Newborn Diaper essentials

Newborn baby diapers

You can choose disposable or cloth diapers for your baby because the newborn baby requires six or more diapers per day.

Changing pad

The easy and portable newborn baby care essentials for changing diapers and clothes comfortably.

Baby wipes

The baby wipes required during diaper changes and to clean other spills and messes.

Newborn Clothing essentials

The first thing you need to buy for a newborn baby is clothes. You need to buy cotton and soft clothes to keep your little one comfortable. Buy sleepsuits, tops, socks and caps with good quality from BuddsBuddy with attractive discounts and offers.

Newborn bathing and cleaning essentials

Use sponge or cotton swab to wipe your newborn babies. The bathing is the time when you can make a perfect bond with your babies. Here are some bathing care essentials you will need for your newborn.

Bathtub– Pick the tub based on the size and comfort for your baby.

Towels– Buy cotton towels to soak and wipe the water gently

Baby wash and shampoo– Your newborn baby require tear-free and fragrance-free shampoo.

Baby cream– Moisturize your newborn baby with good baby cream.

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Healthy and nutritious food for newborn

You should make sure your baby is getting enough nutrients the first year. It helps your babies to protect them against diseases. It also helps him stay healthy as he or she grows older.

Breast milk– Breast milk can be given for the babies until they are 4-6 months old.

Cereals– Rice cereal can be given before 6 months of age and other cereals such as wheat, barley and oats can be given after 6 months.

Fruits, juices, eggs, fish, cooked beans and peanut butter can be given between 9-12 months of age.

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