How To Make Natural Alkaline Water At Home?

The people who are not taking enough quantity of water will suffer from headache, dry skin, muscle pain, and sluggishness. Our body naturally maintains a balance of acidity and alkalinity. The normal pH value is 7.40 and measured on the scale of 0-14, where the value above 7 is alkaline in nature and value below 7 is acidic.

Ideally, the human body should maintain the acid-base balance in the 51:49 ratio. This ratio shows that alkaline nature is little higher than acid in nature. If there is any change in the pH value, then you will face health consequences.

To maintain the normal pH value as per the scientific observations, we have to drink alkaline water. Because the term ‘alkaline’ refers to the pH level of the water. It is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle. It helps neutralize the acidity in our body thereby increasing the energy levels, slow the ageing process, boost the immune system, detoxifies the body, rejuvenate the skin and supports the health of muscles and joints.

There are two types of alkaline water available, one is artificial alkaline water, and another one is natural alkaline water.

Artificial alkaline water

Some companies created machines to make water alkaline through ionization or electrolysis process. This process removes the important minerals and the pH of water level is increased to the extreme level, which affects your body.

Natural Alkaline Water

To avoid the issues associated with artificial alkaline water, we can make homemade alkaline water which is beneficial to health. This process is easy, safe and inexpensive using a copper bottle, tulsi leaves and Alum Anti-Septic Phitkari Blocks.

Let’s see How to Make Alkaline Water at Homewith these following methods?

  1. Using a copper bottle
  2. Using Tulsi leaves
  3. Using Alum Anti-Septic Phitkari Blocks

Using a copper bottle

When water is stored in the copper water bottle, the water safely and naturally absorbs a small amount of copper. It ionizes the water and makes the water alkaline. The copper water bottle is natural alkaline water and the process of making the water alkaline is similar to the natural process.

Natural Alkaline Water

The recent study also says that water stored in the copper bottle or jug becomes alkaline. Store it for longer hours, make the pH value in the water increases. The copper decontaminates the water by removing the microbes hence it is also called as microbially contaminated water.

It is easy to prepare for alkaline water at home. Fill the water in the copper bottle and alkalize it naturally. By concerning your health, we at Estreetmart offers the copper pots and bottles at best prices. Shop your favourite bottles with different size and colour from our online store.

Using Tulsi leaves

Today we have many different types of purifiers to purify the drinking water. There was a time when purifiers are not available and people used herbs to purify the water. Tulsi is the sacred plant and one of the common plant used in Ayurveda medicines.

Natural Alkaline Water

Research says that it has strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and also found that the handful of tulsi leaves can decontaminate 20 litres of water.

Put the tulsi leaves in PET container filled with contaminated water and keep it in the sun for 6 hours. The UV radiation from the sun kills the pathogens in the water.

Using Alum Anti-Septic Phitkari Blocks

Alum is known as potassium aluminium sulfate. It is the best and economical way to purify the water. The filter alum is the mixture of 48 per cent filter alum combines with the raw water at the rate of 18-24mgs per litre.

Alum is available in many houses such as deodorant and baking powder. It helps in purifying the water by aluminium which coagulates the mud particles.

Drinking water in copper bottle has various health benefits and buy a pure copper bottle from Estreetmart to enjoy the ayurvedic health benefits.

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