How To Set Up An Amazing Terrace Garden At Low Cost

Nowadays, urbanization has been increasing rapidly. Due to this reason, most of the population from rural areas are shifting towards the urban areas. So, people are facing space scarcity problems. Apartments are the best option for urban people to live in the city. Because of this situation, our modern life is disconnected from nature.

We have only limited space to live in this urban life. We have to find some space to set up the garden. So, the terrace or rooftop garden is the best choice to grow our trees. It helps you to cultivate organic vegetables and fruits.

Spending a few hours in the garden will help you relax your mind. Most people want to set up the terrace garden, but they have no idea about how to set up. Let’s see some steps to set up the terrace garden.

Find the place

Terrace garden can be formed in buildings, apartment or commercial building and proper rooftop with adequate space is required to set up the garden.


Terrace Garden

Before setting up the terrace garden, you need to check the waterproofing. Buy a thick tarpaulin sheet to cover the ground surface. Make sure the terrace is water-resistant and leakage-free to set up your garden. At Estreetmart, we sell high-quality Silpaulin covers to keep your garden free from water. We also offer shade nets to keep your garden safe from high blowing wind or other dust particles

Soil mixture

To grow strong and healthy plants, we need proper nourished soil. We should not use chemically treated oil, as it harms and destroys the beneficial bacteria and worms. So, we need to use organic soil mixture.

Estreetmart offers you a high-quality potting mixture that helps to grow organic trees and vegetables. We prepare the potting mixture with garden-soil, coco-peat, fertiliser, vermicompost and perlite.

Plant containers

Terrace Garden

Containers are important to set up the plants. You can grow any types of plants in that superior quality grow bags. We Estreetmart provides you with the premium grow bags at an affordable cost to grow your plants and vegetables. We also offer hanging pots to decorate your garden.


Terrace Garden

The quality seeds are required to grow vegetable plants. You can grow tomatoes, lady’s finger and bitter gourd organically with the good seeds. Estreetmart offers organic seeds that help you to grow healthy vegetables


You need to protect your plants from pesticides in a natural way. Prepare a mixture of baking soda, cooking oil and water that helps to protect the plants from fungal infections.

Garden maintenance

Once you establish the garden, it should be properly maintained. To maintain or set up, we need to use proper garden tools.

Estreetmart offers you the best garden tools to carry out the maintenance activity such as

  • Hand Trowel
  • Pruning Secateur
  • Hand Cultivator
  • Hand Fork
  • Kurpi
  • Garden Sprayers
  • Garden Gloves


The terrace garden is a simple and effective way to solve the issues of urban life. If you want to lead a happy and peaceful life, then set up the terrace garden in your living space. It brings joy and relaxation to your life.

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