How to Stay Healthy And Fit During The Festive Season?

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights and joyous celebration time, vibrant decorations and generous food. During this season, we used to do outings, guest visits, dinner parties etc. We also eat throughout the day without taking a break. While socializing is inevitable, we cannot compromise our health and fitness. A little bit of planning, self-control and smart eating helps us to avoid being fat.

stay healthy

So, are you wondering how to stay healthy during this festive season? Here are some tips that keep you healthy and fit during this auspicious occasion.

  • Stock healthy foods
  • Pick seasonal fruits
  • Drink more water
  • Monitor your health
  • Avoid late-night food
  • Devote time to exercise
  • Take healthy breakfast
  • Try to limit caffeinated drinks
  • Gardening

Stock healthy foods

Store a lot of healthy foods such as almonds, walnuts. You can also have cashew nuts and pistachio during this season and it will not affect your health. Sweets made of jaggery, figs and dates are also good in this festive season to keep you fit and healthy. Buy healthy foods from Estreetmart at best prices.

Pick seasonal fruits

stay healthy

Have seasonal fruit such as apple, pears, banana, oranges, or any fruits which have high fibre content and rich natural vitamins. You can also dry fruits which is good for health as well as keep you fit during this occasion.

Drink more water

During this festive season, ensure that you and your family members drink a lot of water. It will keep them hydrated and also remove the toxins from the body. While having water, add a slice of lemon or mint leaves which add flavour to the water.

Monitor your health

stay healthy

If you or your family members suffer from many health issues like diabetes, asthma or blood pressure, ensure that you are taking proper medications. It is important to monitor your health during this festive season.

Avoid late-night food

stay healthy

With many of us in a celebratory mood, we often have food in the late night. When you eat more food after dinner time, it will affect your digestion. Because of this metabolism tends to get lower and you will gain fat. So, it is better for east food at the right time.

Devote time to exercise

The most important part of this festive season is to do proper exercise daily. You need to stay energetic and build immunity against diseases. Eating more food and staying late night affect your body. By doing exercise, we can improve the blood circulation, flush out the toxins and keep you fit.

Take healthy breakfast

stay healthy

You should have a healthy breakfast after the exercise. Taking high fibre and protein in your breakfast keeps you energetic throughout the day.

Try to limit caffeinated drinks

Try to limit taking coffee or tea and instead have nimbupani, jeera water and fresh juice. It will help you to burn calories. Keep away from fizzy drinks that are high in sugar and additives.


Gardening is the best way to keep you fit and lose weight. If you are growing and easting your fruits and vegetables, then you can build a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. It is not necessary to go to the gym, or if you hard to devote time to do exercise, then you can involve in gardening activities. Do you know that three hours of gardening give the power of one-hour intensive workout in the gym?

According to the nutritionist mowing, digging, planting for 2 or 3 hours can help you to lose 1kg weight within a week.

Estreetmart offers you the best garden tools to carry out all the maintenance activity. Explore the wide range of tools such as Hand Trowel, Pruning Secateur, Hand Cultivator, Hand Fork, Kurpi, Garden Sprayers, and Garden Gloves.

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