Dr. Vaidya’s Ayurvedic Allergic Pills for Allergy & Cold – Pack of 3

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Allergic is a specially formulated tablet that aims at treating the respiratory congestion, by slowly de-sensitizing you to various allergens, such as dust, pollen grains etc. An ideal ayurvedic medicine for allergy, allergic is availed in the form of a tablet.

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9 in stock

Made In:  India
Warehouse:  India
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Helps to manage various symptoms of allergy i.e. Sneezing & Rashes, Chronic Allergies, Colds, etc.
Net Quantity: 24 N X 3 (Pills)
Dosage: 1 pill three times a day
Using a blend of some of the choicest ingredients recommended in the ancient Indian Medicinal Science of Ayurveda, Dr. Vaidya’s Allergic helps with relief from various types of allergies. The product should be consumed on a daily basis for best results.
Recommended Course – Minimum 3 – 6 months
Ayurvedic,allergic and cold


Allergic is a specially formulated tablet that aims at treating the respiratory congestion, by slowly de-sensitizing you to various allergens, such as dust, pollen grains etc. A tested ayurvedic medicine for allergy, Dr. Vaidya’s Allergic is availed in the form of a tablet. Created to treat ailments related to Kapha – one of the three doshas as pointed out in Ayurveda, This tablet helps in allergy treatment like dust allergy. Not only does it help get rid of the any excess Kapha but, it also ensures a proper fluid balance in all the tissues. While the medicine allows clear breathing, it ensures that issues pertaining to upper respiratory tract such as a cough, cold, nose blockages, sinus, and throat irritation are easily done away with too.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique.


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Ayurvedic,allergy and cold
Allergic, a highly effective ayurvedic allergy medicine and comprises of the following herbal ingredients –

Also known as KhadiShakkar, Sugar candy helps in cough & cold, throat irritation, and helps treat upper respiratory congestion as well as bronchial conditions in a flawless manner.
Bamboo Shoot:
Bans Kapur is siliceous resin and bamboo exudate, which is obtained from female bamboo trees. According to Ayurveda, it is known to be an effective medicine for respiratory problems like cold and running nose. It also increases immunity
Piper fruits are widely used to treat diseases of the respiratory tract like cough, bronchitis.
Balinese Pepper:
Also called Pipper, it has been used since long as a secret ingredient in Indian as well as Asian foods. Known to strengthen the immune system while also accentuating the effect of other ingredients, it is a key component of Allergic.
Colloquially known as Tej, cinnamon is an aromatic condiment and one of the most beneficial spices. Comprising of numerous anti-oxidants, it helps fight infections.
Better known as cardamom, this spice is native to the Indian subcontinent. It helps in strengthening the digestive system.
One among the most powerful and oldest natural medicinal remedies, Jyesthimadhu acts as a lung toner and fights allergies which produce chronic cold.

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