Renovate Your Home With Stunning Indian Handicrafts

India has the best arts and crafts around the world. There are astonishing unique objects are found in every nook and corner of the country. The people spend a lot of time to decorate the interiors but forget about the interior decoration.

You need to take steps in home decoration because your house is the mirror of your personality and also the little decorative items brings joy and happiness to your home. The best interior decoration with Indian handicrafts gives a luxury appearance to your home.

Let’s check some best Indian handicrafts suitable to change the look and feel of your home interior.

  1. Door hangings
  2. Wooden Handicrafts
  3. Wall hanging tapestry
  4. Cushion covers
  5. Wall art
  6. Metal craft
  7. Stone carving
  8. Paper Mache

Door hangings

Stunning Indian Handicrafts

Door hangings usually found in every house and the very first thing people notice it. It is mainly used to enhance the look of your home door or corridors. The door hangings are available at different prints and colours that can decorate your home door or corridor. Enhance your home or office doors with our auspicious and graceful door hangings available only at Estreetmart.

Wooden Handicrafts

Stunning Indian Handicrafts

The wooden handicrafts reflect the rich and unique tradition of our country. It adds a classy look to your home interior. The wooden flower vase and wooden elephant can be used to decorate your table. The jewellery, figures and hangings decorative items are made in wooden items. The best handicraft items you can buy are candleholders, terracotta lamps, trays and coasters.

Wall hanging tapestry

Stunning Indian Handicrafts

The most unique way to decorate your wall with the hanging tapestry. The wall hangings are available with different designs and exotic colour combination that will instantly add a beautiful appearance to your room or hall. You can hang the tapestry behind the bed or add as bed cover which gives charm to the room.

Cushion covers

Stunning Indian Handicrafts

The cushions are the easiest way to transform your room. The cushion covers add colour and texture to your sofa or bed. Shop a wide range of Cushion covers with different designs and colours at Estreetmart. Some cushions have different patterns of each side, so you can make the appearance of your sofa or bed instantly.

Wall art

Stunning Indian Handicrafts

The wall art can be used in bedrooms and living room to enhance the look and feel of your home. It can be used in the drawing-room or corner of your home where you usually hang out with your family and friends. The wall arts are available with different designs that can add a positive vibe to your room.


The metal craft is part of our Indian culture. It has been practising in India since ancient times. The metal craft is considered as the best and very famous across the world. The handicraft items available at Estreetmart are the perfect options to decorate your home. Every product has a fabulous finishing that helps to beautify your home.

Stone carving

The art of stone craving also practices since ancient times. It is mainly used for decorative purposes. You can accent your home with our stone décor items. The decorative and functional items from paperweights to marble vases are available in different collections and designs.

Paper Mache

Paper mache is also the best option to decorate your home interiors. It is adaptable and can be changed into any form to suit your home. It is low cost and creative way to add charm to your room as wall artefacts and other decorative items.

At Estreetmart, we have a huge collection of handmade Indian Handicrafts for Home Decoration which can help you design your interior and give it a new look to impress others. Shop door hangings, wooden handicrafts, stone carving, paper mache, metal craft and wall arts with attractive offers and discounts.

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