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Who we are?

Estreetmart is the popular e-commerce website in India and also successfully providing its services in Singapore, USA and Canada. It not only provides a variety of products choices but also provides great user experience with magnificent customer service.

Estreetmart gives you best deals in various categories such as Electronics, Handicrafts, Fashion wear, Baby products, Healthcare, Organic and Beauty products.

Estreetmart pave way for the vendors to sell their products easily without any hassle.

Why selling online?

The number of internet users has reached 4.1 billion as of July 2018 and half of the people are predicted to shop online in 2021. To kickstart your business online to sell your products.

Sell Your Products Online

Selling products online has never been easier and faster. So, you need to choose the right platform to market and sell your products.

Benefits of Selling on Estreetmart

To help the sellers, Estreetmart has introduced a new platform, that helps the people to start their business online without any hassle.

Sell Your Products Online

Grow your business online with India’s most trusted online store. You can create a seller account, ship orders, manage marketplaces, market and sell your products from our user-friendly platform.

Estreetmart has a good customer base, so your products reach customers across India. You can get on time and reliable payments once the product is delivered.

Steps to become an Estreetmart seller

Documents required at the time of registration

The following documents should be uploaded while registering a seller account.

  • GST registration details
  • Bank account details
  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled cheque leaf
  • Identification proof
  • Address proof
  • Signature
  • Valid Email address
  • Valid phone number

How to register?

Are you ready to join our seller community?

Then visit this and fill the following details at the time of registration.

Name, User name, Email address, Phone number, Shop name and Shop URL.

Sell Your Products Online

Once you click Register, you will be redirected to the KYC page. Here you can enter your KYC details such as Name, Date of birth, Phone, Email address, Business address and upload the documents.

Listing catalogues

Once you enter all your details, then you will be redirected to the Estreetmart Marketplace page. You can click the Let’s Go to configure your basic settings about your account.

If you don’t want to configure the quick setup, then click Not Right now to return to the store.

Store setup

Once you click the Let’s Go button, you will be taken to set up your store. There, you can enter your street address, store products, city, country details and store categories.

Payment setup

Sell Your Products Online

Once you click Continue, then you can set up your payment information. Enter the PayPal email address and Bank details such as Bank Name, Account Number, Address and SWIFT code.

Once you setup your payment, your store will be ready and you can happily start selling your products.

Sell and Track Analytics using Dashboard

Check the perfect sales insights with our intuitive dashboard. Use our dashboard to manage orders, shipping and payments.

Smooth Orders

Process, ship and manage orders anywhere at your comfort. You can manage customers with contact information and order histories perfectly here.

Payment processing

We can process your payments securely and accepting all types of cards. Accept local payment methods and we also integrate with popular third-party gateways for secure transactions.

Store insights

See real-time and recent activities, check details insights about your visitors and analyse the performance of your business and Sell Your Products Online. Get detailed information about your business-like sales, customers and marketing details.

Start selling with Estreetmart

It is easy to start your business journey with Estreetmart. Just create an account, explore our tools and services to grow your business.

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